jackie's journal

New Years in Glamis, 2016

There’s nothing quite like ringing in the new year camping in the desert with good friends and family.  Watching the year’s last sunset from the comfort of a tailgate while sipping from a red solo cup.  Burning the rubber off your old boots when sitting too close to the fire (good thing Christmas always brings a fresh pair).  Discovering that the maximum occupancy of an RV is actually much higher than the owner’s manual would have you believe. Living off Coors Light and beef jerky.  Burning Christmas trees at midnight.  Having the theme song to It’s a Small World stuck in your head for a week (thanks a lot, ice cream truck). The smell of exhaust and the sound of throttles revving. Sand. So much sand.


Dad & I
The gang’s all here
Josh & I enjoying our play time
Dad, loading up the trailer
Ducks in a row

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