jackie's journal

LA Food Festival, 2016

Ah, summer time in Los Angeles.  The beaches are crowded and the street fairs are abundant.  This past weekend, my boyfriend, Josh and I, met up with a couple of friends to attend the Los Angeles food festival- an event I was previously unaware of but will now be in attendance of every year for as long as it exists.

Processed with PICSPLAY

Processed with PICSPLAY

Located in the heart of downtown LA, at the USC Colosseum, the festival boasted hundreds of food trucks and mobile mixologists.  Needless to say, my group put in some serious work here, foodies that we are.

I did a poor job of noting the names of each food truck, because we visited so many and ate so much.  But I can tell you that the desserts were certainly the most memorable for me.  I loved that I was finally able to get my Ridges Churro Bar sundae AND a box of California Donuts!The biggest bummer was that the l lobster roll truck had a long line that people kept cutting into, so I didn’t get my lobster roll.  Oh well, between the corns and the sliders and the deserts and the beers, I had had plenty.



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