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Farewell, Nanny Jackie: leaving my job of 4 years

Last week, my job of nearly 4 years ended.  I’ve been a nanny for roughly six years, and when I was hired on with the Moran family I knew it was going to be a great fit.  The girls, Ryan and Megan, were both in middle school when I was hired, and I remember being surprised that they were so excited to have a nanny.  I know that when I was in middle school, I would have been super bummed to have some old person hanging around all the time.  But the girls took to me like white on rice.  They were older than most other children I had watched, and I think that played a factor into how quickly we formed such strong friendships.

The girls looked up to me, they admired me and even went so far as to think I was cool.  They started talking to me about their friends and the drama at school and who likes who and all the good stuff.  We laughed at the novellas Ryan brought home as reading assignments for Spanish class.  We schemed and plotted to create the most bad ass cell membrane model ever, for Megan’s science project.  We spent so many days at the beach, laughing at our sub-par boogie boarding skills.  There was a lot of excitement when Ryan got her first boyfriend (also named Ryan).  There were tears when their family dog, Bella, passed away.  There were sleep overs and random adventures in the city and lots of hikes.  But mostly, there was love.

I decided to have a little photo-shoot with the girls, to commemorate our last week together.  Josh came down to our favorite beach and captured some great shots. I’m working on making an album to give to their parents, as a “thank you” for the stellar employment!



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