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Summer 2016: One for the Books

This has been one of the most adventurous, fun-filled summers of my adult life.  When Spring semester ended, my vacation mode officially kicked in; I was on a plane the morning after my final exams were finished. 

Processed with PICSPLAYAt the end of May, I headed to the East coast, with my boyfriend and Dad, to see my brother and explore some of our Nation’s most historical locations.We explored Virginia and DC in a whirlwind 8-day road trip that set the pace for one hack of a fun summer! Check out my VA->DC Road Trip post to see pictures and read more about my time along the Potomac.  This trip could not have come at a better time; I needed the freedom of the road after the stress of Spring semester.  Also, shortly after I got home, I read the Hamilton play book and was thrilled to have just visited so many of the mentioned locations.

9In July, I celebrated my very first 29th birthday (the first of many lol)!  Josh bought a pair of season passes to Universal Studios Hollywood, which is a gift that truly keeps on giving, since I can now get into Harry Potter World whenever I want!  We actually celebrated my birthday at Universal with some friends and I had an amazing day. I wore a new romper, which I was so excited about because it was the first piece of clothing that I purchased in a size medium, in a very long time.  62My 28th year was a year of great change, including some major weight loss; I’ll always remember 28 as the year I lost 40 pounds, and showed myself what I am made of.  This birthday will always stand out for me for one other very important reason: Josh.  I’ve been fortunate enough to celebrate many birthdays with Josh; we’ve grown from teens to adults together and this year marks the last of our twenty-somethings.  It’s been a decade of growth, adventure, laughter, tears, loss, gains, and everything in between.  It’s been my entire adult life so far, and much of my adolescence as well. As I face this last year of being in my twenties, all I can see is he and I moving towards the life we’ve always been planning.  This life I live has been blessed by his presence and his love is the best gift I could have asked for on my birthday. 2

In August, I spent 9 days in the wilderness, camping in Mammoth Mountain.  This trip was so gorgeous it was surreal.  I’ve lived in Cali my whole life, and I had never visited Mammoth Mountain before. Now that I’ve been, I can guarantee that I’ll be making many more trips there in the future.  So many amazing hiking and riding trails, and so much beautiful mountain forest to explore! I took so many photos of the gorgeousness that is Mammoth Mountain, which you can see in my Massive Mammoth Mountain post, where I also list the campgrounds, lakes and trails visited.13932789_1653063108354499_2324212279847004001_n

All in all, I would say that my trips to VA/DC and Mammoth, as well as my birthday at Universal, were the highlights of my summer.  There were, of course, so many fun days in between!  One of the best parts about living in a beach town is that you never really have to experience the infamous summertime blues; there’s always a beach to lay out on, an ocean to swim in, a board to paddle out on, or a backyard to BBQ in.  Here are a few snaps of some of my favorite random summertime memories:

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Of course, I could never forget my summer reading! I love reading, and its so much more enjoyable when its reading for pleasure and not required reading!Here are the books I read this summer: A Court of Mist and Fury by Sara J. Maas (4/5 stars); The Raven King by Maggie Stiefvater (4/5 stars); American Gods by Neil Gaiman (5/5 stars); and Hamilton: The Revolution by Lin Manuel Miranda & Jeremy McCarter (ALL THE STARS).



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