12439439_1580351868958957_906180850674385423_nI’m Jackie.  This is my blog where I share some cool pictures and stories and stuff.  I love to write and enjoy playing around with my cameras, and those two interests sort of  manifested into this site.

Some Stuff About Me: I think and feel too much. My mind is constantly at war with itself; ambition vs. anxiety (I’ve come to accept this as some long running cosmic joke that I’m hoping to be let in on later in life). I believe in love.  Like, the deeper-than-the-sea, moves-mountains, all-encompassing love that most people believe only exists in fairy tales.  I believe in that kind of love because I have that kind of love (and, okay, maybe all the Jane Austin and Rainbow Rowell novels had a hand in it too). Hiking, camping, and exploring my surroundings, with a camera in my hand, are some of my absolute favorite things to do.  A good book renders me entirely useless.  I write a lot, but only share a bit of it.  My dog owns me; never the other way around.  Currently, I’m working on my BA in English. I plan to teach high school English, because I’m mildly masochistic (but mostly because I’m passionate about literature and education).

Mojave- my bestest
Processed with PICSPLAY
Josh- my love





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