Jackie is a graduate student, currently pursuing an MA in English Literature.  Jackie received her BA in English Education from California State University Dominguez Hills in 2017 and is eager to enter the field of English Education upon completion of her MA.

What started as blog now serves as a multi-media portfolio, containing a variety of writing and photography samples.  Jackie’s writing samples range from scholarly and personal personal essays, to short stories and free-writing samples.  Additionally, Jackie sporadically updates her Travel Journal here, documenting her travel experiences in a photo journalistic style.  Jackie’s photography samples range from portraiture to industrial and natural landscapes and seascapes.

The navigation of this site is fairly simple, with all of the writing samples organized neatly under the “words” tab and all of the photography samples under the “pictures” tab.  Each tab contains a drop-down menu selection of self-explanatory categories. For example, under the “essays” tab, you will find options to view “scholarly essays” or “personal essays”.  Essays located under the scholarly essays tab will be essays that have been submitted to an academic institution (usually for a grade).  Under the “personal essays” tab, you will find journalistic essays, reflecting issues/events of importance to the author (for example, her wedding or her reflections on the celebration of International Women’s Day).  If you’re looking for photography samples, the “pictures” tab will direct you to view one of two galleries: “people” or “places”.  Clicking on the “people” tab will take you to a gallery of Jackie’s portraiture; the “places” tab will take you to a gallery of landscape shots.




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