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BA or Bust: Fall 2016 Semester Begins

This is the first, in what I hope to make a semi-regular series of posts about my experience in academia. I’m currently in my first semester of my English major courses at CSDUH.  If you’re curious as to  how it’s taken me so long to get here (I am 29, working on a BA, after… Continue reading BA or Bust: Fall 2016 Semester Begins

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Summer Camping in Mammoth Mountain

There’s really nothing quite like camping in the mountains.  Waking up, knowing that just outside your motorhome door lays a world of adventure waiting for you to embark upon.  Your campground looks like this: a circle of motorhomes and trailers with dirt bikes and OHVs littering the spaces in between; a grill (or two, or… Continue reading Summer Camping in Mammoth Mountain