Spring 2017 Grades & Teacher Evaluations

To say that I had a rough semester would be the understatement of the year.  Not only was my course load heavy, but my schedule was an absolute nightmare.  The University dropped one of my classes, due to low enrollment which resulted in me having to take poetry after all.  That wasn't even the worst... Continue Reading →


We’re Engaged!

Josh popped the question on January 29th, 2017!  We've been dating since high school (12 years, jeesh!), so my answer was obviously HELL YES.  Well, to be fair, my first answer was: "oh my god, is that for me?!" (in my defense, the ring is freakin' GORGEOUS).  After I composed myself, the answer was an... Continue Reading →

Summer 2016: One for the Books

This has been one of the most adventurous, fun-filled summers of my adult life.  When Spring semester ended, my vacation mode officially kicked in; I was on a plane the morning after my final exams were finished.  At the end of May, I headed to the East coast, with my boyfriend and Dad, to see... Continue Reading →

Summer Camping in Mammoth Mountain

There's really nothing quite like camping in the mountains.  Waking up, knowing that just outside your motorhome door lays a world of adventure waiting for you to embark upon.  Your campground looks like this: a circle of motorhomes and trailers with dirt bikes and OHVs littering the spaces in between; a grill (or two, or... Continue Reading →

Road Trip: Virginia & Washington DC

In May, my father, boyfriend and I flew to Virginia to take a road trip with my brother, who is stationed at the Norfolk Naval station.   We had tentative plans to hit certain towns along the way, but our primary goal was to reach Washington DC by Tuesday, since this was the only stop... Continue Reading →

Why I Celebrate International Womens Day

Why I celebrate ‪#‎internationalwomensday‬ : Because I live in a society which flaunts it's acceptance of gender inequalities in my face. Because Kylie Jenner is idolized by more teen girls than Malala Yousafzai is. Because Facebook floods my feed with the hashtag, whilst turning a blind eye to the countless cases of sexual harassment passing... Continue Reading →

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