Student Diaries

I’m what one would call a Forever Student.  I’m 29, and I’ve been in and out of college since I was 19.   It’s not like I set out to spend a decade of my life in college, but sometimes that’s just how life goes. I changed majors a few times in junior college and I took a few semesters off here and there to work full time.  Then there was The Math.  I spent 2 years working my way through math.

[fun fact, you don’t always hear about when enrolling in a junior college: most transfer schools require that you pass Statistics with  a grade of C or better.  If you test into your junior college at, say Math 23- like I did- that means you must complete all math courses between 23 and 150- which is Statistcs at my JC. That’s 23, then 43, then 73, then 150.  That’s 4 math courses, and they most likely won’t be offered in summer or winter because they are 4 unit courses.  That means 2 years of math to transfer.  Something I wish I had known before deciding on a JC first].

Now that I’m finally at the university level, focusing only on my major course work, I want to try keeping a journal of my scholastic experience.  I transferred from El Camino Community College to Cal State Dominguez Hills, last fall (Fall 2015).  I still had a few general ed courses to finish up, since the ones I had taken at my JC were somehow not the same as the ones my new school wanted me to have.  I transferred in with my AA already completed, so I was okay with making up some courses in my first year at university.  Now, I’m completely finished with all that, and I’m enrolled in all my major course work: English all day every day!

Here’s a running list of my English courses taken, at the University level: 

  • ENG230- Literature and Pop Culture (fall 2015) [Grade: A]
  • ENG307- Practice in Literary Criticism (fall 2015) [Grade: A]
  • ENG314- Traditional Syntax (Spring 2016) [Grade: C]
  • ENG350- Advanced Composition (Spring 2016) [Grade: A]
  • ENG487- Introduction to 2nd Language Learning & Teaching (Spring 2016) [Grade: B]
  • ENG335- Readings in World Lit (Fall 2016) [Grade: A-]
  • ENG340- American Lit pre-1865 (Fall 2016)[Grade: A]
  • ENG341- American Lit post-1865 (Fall 2016)[Grade: A]
  • ENG347- Literature of Ethnicity and Gender (Fall 2016) [Grade: A-]
  • ENG467- Shakespeare (Fall 2016)[Grade:A-]
  • ENG304- English Lit (Spring 2017) [Grade: pending]
  • ENG306-Backgrounds in Western Lit (Spring 2017) [Grade: pending]
  • ENG476- Chaucer (Spring 2017) [Grade: pending]
  • ENG485- Studies in Lit, Comp, and Reading (Spring 2017) [Grade: pending]
  • ENG530- Medieval Myths and Legends (Spring 2017) [Grade: pending]